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Conversion Window

The amount of time a user has to convert after an event (view or click)


An all encompassing filter that supports the desire to be able to engage actual human beings with our ads.  This includes viewability (only offering to start), in ad human verification tools, and click capping.

Verified Views

A user views a viewable impression (see below), does not click, and visits to the site within a custom-defined view window.

Verified Clicks

A user physically clicks on a viewable impression and is immediately directed to the advertiser’s site.

Verified Visits

The summation of verified views and verified clicks.  After verified to be human, information is passed through Google’s API and translated into a visit.

Verified View Window

The period of time between a viewable impression and when the user visits the advertiser’s site.

Verified View Conversions

A conversion that occurs after a verified view occurs.

Verified Click Conversions

A conversion that occurs after a verified click occurs.

Long Window View Conversions

The existing view conversion methodology wherein a conversion is tied to any (not verified) impression within the 30-day conversion window.

Viewable Impressions

An impression that meets the following criteria: The ad was viewable by 50% for at least 1 second. Example frm google:

Measured Impressions

An impression that was technically qualified for viewability measurement.

Unmeasured Impressions

Ads that were not trackable due to various reasons (restriction from publisher site, unfriendly/friendly iFrames)

Viewability %

The number of viewable impressions divided by the number of measured impressions.


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