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What is Verified Visits?


  • The Verified Visits model reports website visits that have resulted from verifiable interactions with your ads. Interactions are considered verified if the impression served was deemed viewable – meaning the ad was in view and that user visited the advertiser sites within 1 hour (or a pre-determined window) of being exposed to the ad.
  • We will only be judging performance metrics using viewable impressions, based on the IAB criteria that an ad unit must have been 50% in-view for at least one second.
  • This is a long overdue, new-to-market way to evaluate the true influence of digital display performance and is the latest contribution to SteelHouse’s ongoing commitment to total transparency. 

Accuracy & Control

  • SteelHouse is leading the way in expanding performance beyond the click by now verifying the human element. Verified Visits considers all interactions on a viewable impression to give a more accurate picture of your campaign – your verified performance.
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