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General Campaigns

When working with SteelHouse the first campaign you'll be launching is a general campaign. The General Campaign is the foundation of Retargeting. Much like a house, we currently require a foundation to begin and can target more specific audiences on top of that base foundation.  Based on our adaptive ad serving technology, a general un-segmented campaign is required as SteelHouse will optimize performance towards your goals (CPA, ROAS, ROI, etc.) utilizing all eligible users in your cookie pool.

By default, SteelHouse serves ads to users who have demonstrated intent at your website by taking at least 2+ pageviews therefore It is not necessary to create and attach a segment of "2+ page view" users to your campaigns. This in turn creates cost efficiency as our adaptive Ad Server optimizes toward your campaign goals.

SteelHouse drives performance with more highly segmented campaigns geared to message users at different stages of the conversion funnel based on their shopping behaviors. Here are a few examples of additional audience segments:

  • Engaged Shopper Campaigns (2+visits within 7 days, 0 Conversions)
  • Category or Product Specific Campaigns (Dependent on URL Structure)
  • Cart Abandoner Campaigns (Cart/Checkout Page Visitor, 0 Conversions)

Because our system is constantly running a series of multivariate tests, we optimize towards the user and the campaign objectives as behavior is learned. As our system learns the user base, we continually optimize on the back end while making sure that we have the right campaigns with the right messaging in place as we hit your goals. As the adaptive ad-server is adjusting to a new audience with each campaign change, we recommend allowing three weeks to see results normalize before a decision is made.

SteelHouse Pro Tip: Set your general campaign to low priority so that any additional segmented campaigns will take priority over the general campaign as our adaptive ad server builds off of user data from this group.

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