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Budget Pacing

SteelHouse Automatically Paces your Campaigns to Spend as Evenly as Possible each day of the Monthly Budget

Each budget is to be an allocation of the Month that you are currently in

  • IE: October will be split into 31 days, February will be split into 28 days
  • IE: $10k October Budget set on the 1st- Adaptive Adserver will aim to spend $322.58/per day or $10k/31

If a Monthly Budget is adjusted/added mid-month, the system will work to spend the entirety of the budget by the end of the month

  • IE: $10k October Budget for a NEW Campaign set on the 20th, our system will spend the entire $10k by the end of the 31st
  • It is important to ONLY add a budget that you are comfortable spending for that campaign in the remaining days of the month

Factors Potentially Impacting Daily Pacing:

  • Adaptive Adserver: If the algorithm finds stronger days of the week, it will allocate spend into those days
  • Budget Not Met: If you do not reach your budget pace daily, SteelHouse will automatically allocate & divide the remaining budget across the remaining days of the month
  • IE: In a $10k October budget, an Advertiser spent $200 on day 1, day 2 budget would be $10k - $200 = $9,800/31 days = $316.13
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