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What Makes an Ad 'Dynamic' Versus 'Static'?

Static Creative: a non-changing image, message, CTA, etc. Good for branding purposes with one desired image that will be featured on all ads for that campaign.

Dynamic Creative: SteelHouse’s creatives are dynamic in regards to the content and images that each unique user can see. Dynamic Ads can feature previously-viewed, recommended, or top products in order to serve the most relevant ad- based on a site visitor’s demonstrated intent on an Advertiser’s website (IE, time on site or abandoned items in the shopping cart).

Dynamic Creatives can see up to 2.5x increase in CTR and CPA’s up to 50% lower when compared to Static retargeting. Some networks can require higher CPM’s for Rich Media not built in HTML, adding to the expense of service, however SteelHouse builds all creative in HTML.

Allows Advertisers to easily re-engage site visitors with beautiful, personalized ads across devices.


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