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  • File Format: Design must be in PSD format. Please label layers, groups and scenes precisely
  • Font: Dynamic text must be web-safe. Choose a default font (e.g. Arial, Georgia, etc.) or supply a Google font link (e.g. Please supply any non-dynamic fonts in .ttf or .otf format.
  • Design: Enjoy design freedom as long as the ad contains a logo, call to action, and scene pagination when needed
  • Scene Pagination: Place 2 squares or circles within the PSD, at least 20 pixels from edges. These allow the user to navigate between scenes.
  • Product Image: Image will be dynamically pulled from its product page. Please preserve the dimensions of each product image exactly when mocking up your PSD. Do not place text or graphics over the carousel.
  • Product Label: Allow 3 lines of text for product title and 1 line for price.
  • Arrows: Add left and right arrows to enable carousel rotation.
  • Video: Please place a screenshot of your video exactly as you’d like it to display in the PSD. Video can extend past the frame of the ad unit. Video will autoplay for 15 seconds.
  • Real Time Offers: Design can slide out from right or left of screen. Enjoy design freedom as long as the ad contains a call to action and a hide/show button.
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