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Campaign Best Practices

Overall Goal for SteelHouse Retargeting Campaigns

  • Retargeting is designed to target users that have shown some level of intent by visiting your site however have abandoned before completing a purchase
  • We make a point to then message those abandoned users in the online space, wherever they choose to visit post abandonment, until they return to the site and complete that purchase that they have already shown intent for
  • Consumer behavior tells us that the further a consumer explores a website the exponential increase of their intent level follows
  • Therefore, the overall goal of SteelHouse Retargeting is to drive a user from their beginning stages of being a General Abandoning user, through the 4 levels of intent, to becoming a High Intent User with something in their Cart on the edge of purchase


Best Practices

Adaptive Adserver

  • SteelHouse’s proprietary technology allows real time optimization while bidding
  • We can deliver ads to the right audience at the point they are most likely to make a purchase
  • A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is the type of ad we serve to retargeting control groups
  • Users in this group see a PSA instead of your ad so that it’s possible to measure and compare the performance lift provided by that campaign
  • PSAs are paid for on a CPM basis

Dynamic Frequency Caps

  • SteelHouse serves the appropriate amount of ads to the most suitable users based on their cookie score
  • If a hard-set frequency cap is requested, our Support Team can accomodate
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