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What Is A Control Group?

  • A Control Group is a portion of unique targeted users who do not see the actual ads so it’s possible to measure and compare the “Performance Lift” provided by that campaign
  • Control Groups can be set on every type of campaign except Branding and Acquisition
  • Control Groups cannot be set for individual Ad Groups
  • Control groups are run at the User-Level and not the Impression-Level
  • The proper way to measure campaign vs control is by Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)
  • RPV is a composite of Average Order Value and Conversion Rate
  • Measuring the lift of a campaign over control group using either AOV or conversion rate may not tell the whole story
  • You can have a very high AOV, but just several orders; and simultaneously have an abundance of conversions with a very low AOV
  • RPV is calculated by 'Revenue/Unique Users' and clearly indicates if the campaign or the control performed better as you are measure how much revenue each campaign earned at the User level
  • It's important to note that no major marketing decisions should be made until Statistical Significance has been reached in your test
  • Because control group tests are essentially put in place to test the validity of view through conversions (VTCs), when running a test, there should be a control group on all campaigns; especially highly segmented campaigns such as engaged shopper or cart abandonment campaigns
  • Conversely, you can run control group test to measure click conversions and in that use case you should have a control group on one campaign only
  • *It is not possible to segment or run control groups on Facebook Users
  • *Contact your Account Management Team to pull Control Group Reporting
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