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Can I Use A 3rd Party Ad Server For My Creatives?

  • We currently support 3rd Party Ad Tags from PointRoll and DCM.
  • For PointRoll tags, please refer to:
  • For DCM, we can use Javascript Tags and just add in our SH click macro. The tags appears as follows:

<a2:frame width="728" height="90">
<a2:thirdparty click="" width="728" height="90">
<SCRIPT language='JavaScript1.1' SRC=";sz=728x90;click=${click_url};ord=${rand}?">


**This will allow both SH and DCM to record click data**

Site Supplied Click Tracking in DCM:



  • When a user engages with an SH ad unit (i.e. hovers over an image or CTA button), several calls are made to the SteelHouse server in which no action are taken
  • These calls are integrated into the user’s overall cookie score and allows us to make particular optimization decisions
  • If SteelHouse uses a third party ad server, we lose this granular level of behavioral data
  • This significantly impairs our ability to optimize towards click performance (clicks and click conversions), one of SteelHouse's core competencies
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