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  • SteelHouse has the ability to report on 1,000+ data points
  • Our reporting philosophy is that if we have the data, you have the data

Report Types:

Overall Performance:

  • Provides an overall view of all SteelHouse campaigns that are currently running
  • Includes all campaigns for all channels that you are running through SteelHouse
  • Reporting on Last Touch Conversions & Cost Metrics for all channels

Campaign Performance:

  • Provides insight into how campaigns are performing individually
  • Provides ability to select an entire channel or a specific campaign(s)
  • Provides ability to see how each of your segments are performing
    • One segment per campaign

AD Group Performance: 

  • Gives insight into ad groups within each campaign
  • Purpose of this account is to report on your A/B tests that you have run, so you are able to choose the most effective creative unit for your segments of users

Publisher Performance:

  • Includes all publishers that your display campaigns are running on
  • Goes a step further to provide you impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion order amount, and click rates


  • We created an http request API that can be accessed from your personal browser which allows you to pull real-time data at your convenience 
    • Available in a webpage/browser format or in a downloadable excel
    • API can be formatted into JSON or CSV, provided your development team has the ability to run this API into your internal reporting platform to automatically update
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