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Site Sectioning

  • Since the Onsite Offer will be appearing on your site, we want your team to have full control over when, where, and to whom the creative will appear on the site.
  • Site Sectioning allows you to include and exclude pages of the site from having the creative serve on them
    • For example; you are able to have the creative serve only on the homepage, or have the creative never serve on the homepage. Pairing this functionality with the Frequency cap per user of amount of times the creatives serve, allows you to get very granular where, when, and to whom your onsite offer will serve on your site. 
  • Onsite Messaging Templates:These can be used within the UI anytime, allowing you to launch messaging quickly on your schedule
  • Background color and page positioning can be set by the SteelHouse Support Team as needed
  • Mainly are focused on quick turnaround offers
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