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Segmentation Overview

  • With the SteelHouse Audience Engine, Marketers are able to segment any user behavior using 1st and 3rd party data, in real-time, using data with SteelHouse campaigns
  • Segmenting an audience allows a Marketer to gain insights into user behavior while also targeting specific messaging in creative against that audience
  • SteelHouse segmented data comes from three sources and conversion data is stored indefinitely:
    • First, any general user behavior such as visits, time on site, page views, geo-location data, and more are available for targeting
    • Second, any product names, product categories, product brands and more are available for targeting
    • Third, if you are sending any data to the SteelHouse Audience Engine such as CRM data, offline data, etc., that data can be segmented as well
  • Segmentation data is stored in real-time, in a rolling 30 days
  • To extend your Audience Engine Window, please speak with your Account Manager or email
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