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Understanding The Basics

  • Facebook Dynamic Retargeting is a direct API integration with Facebook
  • It works much like regular Display Retargeting, except the ads will display exclusively in Facebook’s Newsfeed and Right Hand Column
  • When a shopper visits an advertiser's site, a cookie is dropped on their computer. The next time the shopper browses Facebook, the Advertiser can display an ad to drive them back to their site and generate a conversion.
    • For example: Let’s say a shopper places a pair of shoes in their shopping cart while visiting an Advertiser’s site, but doesn't actually buy them. The next time the shopper logs onto Facebook, the Advertiser (Retailer) for those shoes can bid on the advertising space in the shopper's Facebook NewsFeed or Right Hand Column to display their ad and drive the shopper back to their site
  • Facebook Dyanmic Retargeting uses a GUID to match users in Facebook after they have visited your site
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