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Ideal Promotions

  • Click Through URL's Should Match Offer/Product 
    • Driving Users to the specific page that your offers appear on drives a much better call to action for the E2:Email Evolved Campaigns 
  • Ideal Promotions Should Contain Same Messaging as Email Campaigns 
    • The design of E2:Email Evolved is to mirror emails campaigns and help drive additional revenue from users who have previously subscribed and are targeted by your email campaigns
    • E2:Email Evolved is a crucial messaging tool to increase your “Open Rate” by reaching more users from Email Campaigns alone 
    • Repeat Messaging Tool for users who have and may have opened your email campaigns and decided not to act on the offers
    • While running E2:Email Evolved Campaigns, clients have seen and increased open rate and CTR on their email campaigns
  • Email Promotions Typically Last 24 - 48 hours
    • SteelHouse mirrors this with the number of E2:Email Evolved Campaigns 
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