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Campaign Strategies

  • Strategy: Keep it Simple!
    • Over complicating the offers will make it less appealing to your followers
    • Keeping it simple helps consumer's recognize and pay attention in an otherwise relaxed mindset, browsing their Facebook
  • Messaging: Maintain the same Messaging as the Email Campaigns 
    • The design of E2:Email Evolved is to mirror emails campaigns and help drive additional revenue from users who have previously subscribed and fall into your email campaigns
    • Provides a crucial messaging tool to users who may not have opened your email
    • Provides a repeat messaging tool for users who have and may opened your email campaigns and not decided to act on the offers
    • While running E2:Email Evolved Campaigns, Clients have seen an increased open rate and CTR on their email campaigns
  • Campaign Length: Run Campaigns for no more than 4 days 
    • After 4 days, we repeat message the same users, which becomes a Social or Display Campaign, however this is not the aim of SteelHouse’s Retention Marketing offering
      • E2:Email Evolved is designed to replace the traditional inbox; Gmail, Outlook, etc with a users social NewsFeed
      • Email promotions usually last 24 - 48 hours and users will only receive 1 email, per email address submitted
      • E2:Email Evolved is designed in a similar way to serve try and serve 1 NewsFeed ad per users, per device and to drive users to purchase with repeat messaging on Righthand Column Ads
    • Clear brand recognition in the image
    • Customers need to recognize and relate to the brand
      • If messaging repeats and has the look and feel of your email campaigns, and they open the email campaigns, it will create invaluable brand recognition
  • Text: Consistent & Direct Complimentary Text
    • Just like email campaigns where the headline draws users in, E2:Email Evolved is similar with complimentary text
    • Social Media has a number of Ads and “noise” the E2:Email Evolved Ads are designed to message users who have subscribed to your brand, who do receive email from your brand and as a result are users who will see through the “noise” as long as it is related to them


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