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Audience Builder | Segmentation

  • Step 1: Upload Your Audience List
    • Upload your email list in the Audience Tab
  • Step 2: Name Your Audience Segment
    • We recommend “<Description> <Date> ”
      • For example, “Cart Abandonment 11.20.13”
  • Step 3: Describe Your Audience
    • For example, “Visitors with more than $100 left in cart”.
  • Step 4: Identify Your Audience Type
    • Emails: Provided as plain text, formatted as “”
    • Phone Numbers: Provided with country code and be in numeric characters only, for example a US phone number would be formatted as “16502345678”
    • FB User ID’s: Provided as plain text numeric characters only, such as “9876543”
    • FB App User IDs: App user IDs let you target a specific set of app users
      • Even if they are not logged into your app using Facebook
  • Step 5: Choose Your File
    • Files must be in .CSV or .TXT format with one entry per line
  • Step 6: Preview Details & Click 'Create'
    • Once you’ve chosen your file, you can preview details on the right, after we have validated the file contents
    • When you are ready to save your list, click 'Create'


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