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Retargeting vs. Standard Display


  • When a potential customer with the intent to purchase visits your site, and abandons prior to that purchase, retargeting technology will serve that customer targeted ads on other sites to drive them back to your site to make a purchase
  • With Retargeting, we only target users that have visited your site and have had an engagement with your brand (Engaged)
    • With SteelHouse technology, Advertisers are able to target potential customers who have visited specific parts of your site or site wide. Regardless, we guarantee your ad spend will only be spent on users who have previously visited the site
      • Typically 95% of site visitors do not convert which provides a huge opportunity to generate additional revenue
      • Highest return on investment
      • Retarget users who have purchased similar deals/products
      • Offer unique specials/promos specific to qualified buyers
      • Effective retention tool, keeping Advertiser ‘front of mind’ for users

Standard Display:

  • Standard Display is an effective technique in driving new customers to your website, who may not have shown interest in your brand previously
  • Standard Display tends to target users in the initial stages of the buying funnel (Awareness)
    • With these ad buys, you are tasked with introducing your brand, establishing trust, communicating value propositions, etc., while still trying to attract the user towards a desired action
      • ROI should be expected to be considerably lower than retargeting, however it is designed to drive new customers, providing Advertisers the ability to build longterm relationships


**If interested in Standard Display, please review our Acquisition Campaigns

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