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Audience Builder

Context | Overview:

  • As an advertising medium, Display Retargeting has not historically been leveraged in a capacity of segmented advertising where an Advertiser would take learnings of their consumers’ behavior and apply these to their advertisement logic and messaging
  • At SteelHouse we have strived to develop a system that allows the Advertiser to have a full understanding of their own consumers’ behavior and then apply that to their advertising efforts within SteelHouse
  • We achieve this feat through our Audience Builder that is located within every account, as a standard free of cost, in the SteelHouse dashboard
  • We developed a pixel that has the intelligence to pull in points of information, such as consumer behavior, product information, category information, and consumer details, into a cloud based data warehouse
  • The pixel pulls such a large volume of information into our data warehouse that we needed a way to sift through it and organize it in a clear and concise way; so the Audience Builder was born

Audience Builder Defined:

  • The Audience Builder is a search engine that displays Real Time data directly within the interface (without any exporting needed) allowing you to create segments and view the users that fall into that segment in a defined period of time
  • Audience Builder is the footprint to the SteelHouse campaign structure and strategy and offers an insight that leverages your Online Advertising in a much more intelligent and progressive fashion
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