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What Is A Jumpstart Call?

During the Jumpstart call, your designated SteelHouse Account Manager & Account Director will introduce you to our team. This call will cover expectations and goals associated with our relationship and go in depth into the processes we follow in order to get your campaigns live. Talking points for this call include:

  • 30 Day Expectations - Overview of first 30 days - SteelHouse Go-Live Process
  • Account Goals  - Your goals for the campaign and how success will be measured (metrics)
  • Pixel Discussion - Confirm pixel placement and point of conversion & Discuss tag management systems
  • Soft Launch - Overview, Collection of assets, Timeline
  • Tracking & Attribution - Determine agreed upon attribution value, Discuss reporting we offer to evaluate performance metrics, initial Tracking setup- request to
  • Creative/Campaigns/Timelines -  Overview of creative process and timelines, Touch on the creative assets and what we use them for and creative process from your side
  • Reporting Platform Overview - Easily access channel-level reports, compare campaigns side-by-side, view single campaign reports, or reporting on all campaigns
    • Evaluate performance metrics on an easy to control basis
    • Define last touch and attributed last touch 
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