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  • Review your reporting for LAL multiple ways within our Platform:
    • Overall Performance Report: See the impact of the last touch LAL conversions that occurred for the account, although most last touch conversions will be attributed to the Retargeting channel
    • Campaign Performance Report: In the Look-Alike channel of the campaign performance report, you will view influence conversions* as to show the actual influence that the Look Alike channel had on the overall account 
  • **Influence Conversions: The SteelHouse reporting platform is last touch, thus if you are running both Look-Alike Acquisition and retargeting, it might appear as if retargeting performance increased with the launch of Look-Alike, while Look-Alike performance is minimal
  • The SteelHouse Look-Alike report is first touch because of this. If a new user sees a Look-Alike campaign then visits the site and abandons, thus falling into the retargeting campaign, and then converts, that conversion will appear in the first touch look-alike report

**Note: Overall performance report shows one conversion per user, indicating the impact of all these campaigns combined

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