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Cross Device Functionality

SteelHouse partners with third parties to reach the greatest possible pool of users and add them to our database. Once in our system, our proprietary technology analyzes data over time to associate users with their specific devices and understand their behavior on each device. The data is constantly updated and optimized to target each user on the right device, at the right time, and with the right message. We fine-tune our targeting as users display more behavior across more devices.

When you run a cross-device campaign, you have access to the full set of users, their devices, and the profile of behavioral and demographic information we build around them. Our reporting tools allow you to see conversions on the impression, click, and unique user levels.


  • Associate individual users and their behaviors to the devices they use.
  • Provide the ability to view users across all their devices and use their behavior on each device to monitor the performances of ads to that user.
  • Can scale to meet your performance needs depending on your audience and users.
  • This is managed through a combination of Deterministic and Probablistic means
    • Deterministic matches users who login to a site from multiple devices by tracking unique IDs, such as a Facebook ID or email address, to identify the user. This provides highly accurate data (99.99% accurate) in small scale.
    • Probablistic filters behavioral data through an algorithm to determine which devices correspond to a given user. The more robust and thoughtful the algorithm, the more accurate the data -- in our case, this method is an industry-leading 85% accurate.
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