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Performance Expectations

  • Pricing Type: CPM
  • Pricing Suggestion:
    • Right-Hand Column: $3.50
    • Mobile News Feed: $9
    • Desktop News Feed: $9
    • **Facebook uses a max bid, not a fixed CPM. With a max bid, you set the highest bid possible so that you are getting quality users -- at the end of the day you will only be getting what the media cost is.
  • Minimum Monthly Budget: $2500
  • Minimum MUV's: 80,000
  • Expected Performance:
    • Click Rate: TBD
    • Conversion Rate: TBD
    • ROAS: TBD
    • eCPA: TBD
  • Attribution:
    • Click or View
    • View credit will allow more scale
    • 28-day conversion
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