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Campaign Structure

General Campaign: Foundation of the Account

  • This campaign makes up the largest pool of users to retarget, therefore can be the best scaled campaign (video only)

Mid Funnel Campaigns

  • These campaigns are the campaigns for the users who are still in the shallow end of shopping. These users are shopping the category and product pages, but have not shown a heavy level of intent. ( video + dynamic only with product based messaging)
  • Specific Category Campaigns
  • Product Level Campaigns

Engaged Funnel Campaigns (great performance - use incentives / countdown timers*

  • These users have a deeper level of intent but have not yet added something to their cart
  • Engaged Shopper : 2+ Site Visits in past 7 days, no conversion.
  • Reluctant Shopper: 3x page views on the site in a single visit

Deep Funnel Campaigns (great performance - use incentives / countdown timers*)

  • These are the users who have arrived at the step immediately before a conversion occurs. 
  • Cart Abandonment: Users who have added something to their cart but have not yet converted

*Countdown timers should run no longer than 48 hours and should be for exclusive sales (short burst sales) or exclusive segments. 

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