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What Is A Metric?

  • Before you run the test, decide how you are going to measure success
  • There should be only one way to win. The success metric and the variable should be as aligned as possible
  • Revenue per Visitor should be the main metric in 99% of tests as it's an overall mixture of AOV and Conversion Rate
  • Example Metrics:
    • Average Order Value (AOV)
    • Revenue per Visitor (RPV)
    • Conversion Rate
    • Click Rate


  • We must learn a lesson from every test. The lesson of every test stems from what you are trying to prove, but also tells the story of why the test and it's results will be significant. The purpose for testing is to learn something and be able to use that lesson to improve experiences in the future. Unexpected lessons may surprise you as well, when there was an unforeseen outcome or results from the test. These unexpected lessons may lead to alternative hypothesis and lead to greater lessons learned. The lesson can adjust to these unexpected events, but the lesson must always be present to make the test significant.
    • Sample Lesson - We learned that using a large countdown timer increases conversion on this specific segment of traffic
    • Lessons don't extrapolate to every customer, which is why it's important to always test
    • Audience, time of day, and other factors play into the lesson
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