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What Is A Conversion Funnel?

  • A Conversion Funnel is a technical term used in the eCommerce space to describe a Users path to completing the desired action of the Advertiser; be it purchase or sign up
  • Users who are at the top of the conversion funnel are usually just browsing and researching prior to making a purchase whereas Users who are moving from mid to lower funnel are actually more engaged with a brand and just about ready to convert
  • In a more physical example, a person who is window shopping or takes a few steps into a store to look around would be considered to be at the top of the conversion funnel. A person who takes a couple visits to the same store within a short timeframe would be considered an engaged/reluctant shopper --something is preventing them from pulling the trigger on the purchase. If they are incentivized properly, (IE: Coupon, Discount, Instant Rebate) that may cause them to make the final decision to convert, however, someone who grabs a few items of the rack and gets in line to purchase is at the absolute bottom of the conversion funnel and closest to purchasing or completing the path to the conversion funnel.
  • *If our shopper leaves their items at the counter and gets our of line we would consider them a shopping cart abandoner. They are primed for the purchase but some psychological barrier was triggered and they are not comfortable completing the sale just yet.
  • SteelHouse provides visibility into your User behavior and allows you to launch the right campaigns with the right messaging to your Users based on where they are positioned in the conversion funnel
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