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Should I Be Running More Than One Campaign With SteelHouse?

  • To receive optimal performance from your campaigns, we recommend that you build campaigns that are targeted per user behavior
  • Your general campaign is a foundational campaign geared toward users who have visited your site and abandoned without converting; however as you learn more about user behaviors on your site, you will want to aim for a more layered strategy
  • As users move down the conversion funnel (i.e. Engaged Shopper, Cart Abandoner) they exhibit different behaviors and should be messaged accordingly with different offers/promos/etc
  • As a user moves through the conversion funnel, if they have not converted, there is typically some psychological barrier preventing them from pulling the trigger on the purchase
  • We have visibility into these behaviors within the SteelHouse segmentation engine, therefore you can create campaigns with offers targeted specifically to only those users exhibiting specific behaviors
  • Having access to such powerful insight allows you to preserve margin and offer incentives or discounts to only those users who truly should be converting
  • A few examples of additional audience segments:
    • Engaged Shopper Campaigns (2+visits within 7 days, 0 conversions) (demo video)
    • Category or Product Specific Campaigns (dependent on URL structure)
    • Cart Abandoner Campaigns (cart/checkout page visitor, 0 conversions) (demo video)(audience shrinks, conversion rate increases)
  • As you layer more highly segmented campaigns into your strategy, you will want to adjust the priority level on the current campaign. For example:
    • General Campaign = LOW Priority
    • Engaged Shopper = MED Priority
    • Cart Abandoner Campaign = HIGH Priority
  • With regard to general campaigns, if there is a segmented campaign on the same priority level, priority will be given to the segmented campaign
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