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What Is The 'Weighting' Feature In The SteelHouse UI?

  • Our UI allows you to specify your Ad Groups’ relative importance through two unique delivery methods, 'Weighting' and 'Escalation'
  • Weighting allows you to dictate how multiple ad groups will serve within a particular campaign
    • IE: If you have 2 Ads Groups in one campaign, you can tell the system to serve one Ad Group 100% of the time (1/1) or have two Ad Groups share the unique users or impressions by serving 50% of the time each (1/2)
  • If you have 3 Ad Groups, you can instruct the system to divide the traffic equally; 33% or (1/3)
    • *Note: If you only have 1 ad group in your campaign, the weighting feature will set this Ad Group to 100% by default
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