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Campaign Benchmarks

SH Rate Averages by Retargeting Account:

- Click Rate : 0.20 - .30%

- Conversion Rate : 0.07% - 0.12%


Industry Rate Averages for Retargeting Efforts:

- Click Rate: 0.10% - 0.17%

- Conversion Rate: 0.06% - 0.09%


SteelHouse Cost Metric Averages:

All Cost Metrics differ depending on the vertical of business that your website falls under. This is mainly due to the volume of sales and the average order value of each sale that differs among each website. Rather than providing you with an average, we ask that you provide us with your own desired goal.  

As a client of SteelHouse you are able to set a specific Cost Metric (ROAS, CPA, ROI, etc) of your choosing, and our Adaptive Adserver will accomplish this goal. Our Performance Team will support you in making sure that you are always scaling your account where possible, so you are assured.  

See Segmentation for further information

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