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  • Priorities are designed to instruct our Adaptive Adserver to serve the most relevant ads to users
    • This is based on what audiences the Marketers have determined are most likely to make purchases 
      • Example:
        • 2+ Page Views = Low
        • 5+ Page Views= Medium
        • Cart Abandonment = High
  • Priorities give us the ability to have a user fall into a 'General Segment', (Low Priority)
  • Our goal is to drive users through the conversion process, therefore we have created a way to determine what segment a user should fall into and when
    • Once a user shops a category page, we will push them into the 'Mid-Funnel Segment' (Higher Priority) and cease viewing the 'General Campaign'
  • Prioritization is exclusive to the campaigns you have live in your account
    • It in no way affects your viewed importance in the ad networks
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