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Adaptive Adserver


  • A main focus of every Advertising Team is how they can most effectively spend their Marketing budgets, assuring they are going to receive a quantitative ideal return on their advertising investment. At SteelHouse, we fully understand this and hold ourselves to providing the utmost value to our partnerships with our Advertisers
  • We have a goal based Adaptive AdServer that will back into any goal that the Advertiser has for their online advertising efforts

Setting Up Adaptive AdServer:

  • In the beginning stages of our partnership with the Advertiser, SteelHouse will establish what the goals are for the account, whether it be based on reaching as many users as possible or backing into any kind of performance goal
  • Our Performance Team will then adjust the settings in our Adaptive AdServer where they feel will best calibrate the system towards the Advertiser's specific goal
  • The team will then continue to monitor the system throughout the lifespan of the account to make sure that the system continues to arrive at the proper goal, while always examining for any opportunity to make adjustments and scale the account.

How It Works:

  • Once calibrated towards a goal, the system will examine each user’s cookie score before serving that user their first impression.
  • Through an algorithm, the system will analyze whether that user will fulfill what is needed in order to hit the Advertiser's goal. If that user is prone to support the goal, then the system will target that user more aggressively.  If that user is deemed to not support the goal, the system will decrease the aggressiveness on that specific user (not eliminating serving impressions because we aim to have a max level of reach).  
  • These split-second decisions by the system have proven to help scale accounts while backing into any kind of performance goal required

The Value:

  • As an advertiser, you know that working with SteelHouse you are always getting the return you require
  • Through a combination of an algorithm and a human performance team you will always receive the utmost scale and return out of your advertising efforts, without the worry of spending your budget with no return 
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