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PSA Control Groups

PSA Control Groups Overview:

  • PSA Control Online Marketing allows for many mediums where an Advertiser can influence their market to complete purchases on their site. Because there is so much advertisement clutter, there is difficulty in assigning incremental lift from each of the Online Advertising efforts. In an effort to be transparent and offer ease of data measurement, we offer the ability to run PSA Control Groups against our creatives in order to find specific incremental lift that we are bringing to an Advertiser

How it Works: 

  • SteelHouse takes a % of users (Defined By Advertiser) from the overall pool of users and solely runs 'Red Cross Public Service Announcement' display creatives to those users, so that they are never shown a SteelHouse creative ad unit
  • We run your SteelHouse creatives to the remaining percentage of users
  • At the end of a 30 day period, we develop a report through our reporting platform that will provide the lift in Conversion Rate and Revenue Per User that SteelHouse creatives had over the Red Cross Creatives; this will in turn accurately show you what kind of incremental lift our creatives are actually providing you  


  • All Control Group Impressions are at the cost of the Advertiser
  • PSA Control Groups should only be run in 30 day increments
  • If Control Groups are started post account launch, we must wait the entirety of the cookie window before running a statistically significant test
  • SteelHouse does not recommend running PSA control groups if an Advertiser is running with more than one retargeting partner
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