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Campaign Types

Campaign Types: 4 Levels of Intent

  • General Campaign: Foundation of Account
    • Overview: This campaign makes up the largest pool of users to retarget, therefore can be the best scaled campaign. A general campaign is necessary in order to drive the highest volume of users through your campaign structure as possible; not targeting these users eliminates your largest pool of potential customers that have already shown some level of intent by visiting your site.
    • Creative Assets: Because we are appealing to users with a lower intent to purchase, we recommend utilizing creatives that involve video and eye capturing features that highlight your brand. 
    • Goal: Drive users back to your site through highly engaging creative
  • Mid Funnel Campaign: Transition Campaigns 
    • Overview: These campaigns are designed for users who are still in the shallow end of their shopping experience. Users are shopping the category and product pages, but have not shown a heavy level of intent. These users have breached the surface of your brand and what products you offer, however still need brand reinforcement in order to be drawn back to your site. 
    • Creative Assets: Focusing on both the Brand Recognition and Product Specificity that these users require, it is advised that you utilize video/eye capturing features and a dynamic carousel. Pairing this with specific product category segmented creatives will help push users through this intent level and into the next intent level.
    • Goal: Push users from thinking about a category to heavily considering a specific product.
  • Engaged Funnel Campaign: Turning Point Campaigns (Great Performance)
    • Overview: These campaigns are intended for users that have a much deeper level of intent but have not yet added something to their cart. This is the level of intent where a user will be most influenced by specific messaging based on their shopping behavior, because they have most likely chosen a specific product type or category, and simply are waiting for the right promotion or deal that will encourage them to complete a purchase
    • Creative Assets: These creatives require the use of 'Incentives'. Incentives include any kind of promotion, sale, discount, or offering. Use of a single page carousel of "Recently Viewed Products" is recommended so a user is forced to view the incentive juxtaposed to the products they were contemplating purchasing. 
    • Goal: Provide the user with the Incentive they have been waiting for and reinforce the stimulus the product originally provided. 
  • Deep Funnel Campaign: Closer Campaigns (Great Performance)
    • Overview: This campaign is for the user that has arrived at the step immediately before a conversion. For Retail, this is adding something to their cart. For Sign-Up sites, this is arriving at the sign-up page. These users are very close to their conversion, however are reluctant to convert for some reason. Our studies have shown that simply offering Free Shipping exclusively to your cart abandonment users will increase the conversion rate of those users. 
    • Creative Assets: These creatives require the use of Incentives. Incentives include any kind of promotion, sale, discount, or offering that is EXCLUSIVE to these users. Use of a single page carousel of the Products specifically added to their cart and their Recently Viewed Products so a user is forced to view the incentive juxtaposed to the products they were contemplating purchasing.
    • Goal: Push the user to purchase. Period.
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