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Campaign Setup

Standalone Onsite Messaging Campaign Setup: 

  • There are three aspects of an Onsite Offer:
    • Creative Development: The Creative can be developed to work with your site and can be any size and any format through our creative team. 
      • Slide Out: Can slide out from either side of the page
      • LightBox: Will overlay the entire site and grey out the page you are currently shopping
    • Segmentation: Applying a segment of users to view this campaign
    • Sectioning: Assigning a Section to the campaign. See 'Site Sectioning'

Campaign Setup: Slingshot:

  • Requires that you first have a Retargeting setup with Slingshot enabled
  • You then will follow the campaign set up of a Standalone Onsite Message
  • During your campaign set up, you will apply 'Slingshot' slider
  • You will click launch on the Onsite offer
  • Your slingshot campaign will now be live
  • Pairing your RT and your Onsite Offer together
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