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What A2 Creative Features Are Supported On Mobile?

A2 features several components that can be used when developing a mobile campaign.

As a guide, please reference this list:

  • Carousel - Flat, 2d carousels work best with no arrows or pagination to scroll through products. All "scrolling" will exist as an automated animation.
  • Countdown timer - Not recommended for 320x50 ad size due to size limitation.
  • Video - Video currently is not supported on mobile as a limitation of IOS, however we can still serve ads that feature the a2:video tag. The poster image simply displays in the videos place. we cannot define a mobile specific poster at this point in time.
  • Scenes - Limited to two scenes. No pagination or navigation.
  • Animation - Full A2 animation capabilities available. Currently slide-in, slide-out, fade-in, fade-out and their combinations. 
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