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What is Mobile Retargeting?

  • SteelHouse Mobile Retargeting allows an Advertiser to target users with intent that abandoned without a purchase
  • There are many different campaigns and strategies that use Retargeting to increase conversions and revenue per visitor
    • Offer Messaging, Cart Abandonment, Customer Retention
  • Leveraging the Audience Engine adds sophistication to display retargeting campaigns, as it allows marketers to design highly targeted campaigns for a specific niche audience
  • Paired with A2 Creative and our Adaptive Adserver, SteelHouse can target any advertiser KPI
  • Over time, the budget will normalize to back into that KPI
  • KPIs can include ROAS, ROI, Cost per Sale, CPA and more
  • SteelHouse recommends a CPM of 1.75 CPM - 3.50 CPM but any CPM can be used
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