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Can I 'Blacklist' or 'Whitelist'?

  • You do have the ability to prohibit impressions from being served on a specific publisher page(s) that you may deem to be 'off brand'. It is important to note that SteelHouse simply serves impressions to your Users on sites they visit on the web after abandoning your site.
  • Conversely, we can restrict Retargeting efforts to approved sites (whitelist/halo list) if you are extremely brand sensitive, please keep in mind this will immensely impede your reach as well as optimization efforts.
  • You can request for Publisher Sites to be black or whitelisted through your Account Manager or through the email alias. 
  • It is important to note, SteelHouse DOES NOT serve impressions on any "non-family safe sites", or sites that are non-compliant with IAB Standards
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