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What Are The Six Steps In The Campaign Process?

1. Name your Campaign (save)
2. Upload Creative into an Ad Group (save)
     2a. Name your Ad Group
     2b. Enter a destination URL
3. Activate 'weighting' or 'escalating' (assuming more than one Ad Group) (save)
4. Target your Campaign (save)
5. Schedule your Campaign (save)
6. Launch your Campaign (if you wish to complete campaign set up and launch later click save)
*If you are launching a campaign using our dynamic ad templates you will need to upload a PNG logo file(s). Once you upload the logos they will be saved in the system for future use.
*Once you select your template of choice you can click on the green 'Add' button. At that time you can enter a hex code from your brand color pallet so the ads are aligned with your brand 
If you wish to add tracking parameters, you can click on the 'Track' button and paste in your tracking parameters. It is not necessary to add the "?" as it is inherent to our platform.
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