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What is E2?

  • E2: Email Evolved is a powerful retention marketing tool used to target email subscribers through the social inbox.
  • With E2, Advertiser's can reach prior purchasers right in their Facebook NewsFeed as people check their Facebook News Feed 9x a day
  • E2 allows Advertiser's to:
    • Target customers where we know they are
    • Run with email campaigns for added lift
    • Increase Reach / “Open Rate” by 5x
    • Delivers 9X return on every $1 spent
    • Amplify exposure through social reach 
      • 35% more reach through social shares
      • Social reach element of E2 turns retention campaigns into acquisition campaigns with free exposure through ad “likes”, comments, and shares
    • Easily track campaign performance, monitor Social Reach, Social Impressions, and Social Clicks
  • Recommend a list of at least 250,000 emails
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