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Where are my impressions being served? Can I choose the sites to serve them on?

  • Our Reporting Suite includes a report called the 'Publisher's Report', which will show you the websites, or Publishers, that your users viewed impressions on OR after abandoning your site
  • This report will also show how many impressions are served per site, how many conversions occurred after a user viewed an encountered an impression on the site, how many creatives served on this site were clicked on, and the corresponding rates based on the count of users that visited the site.
  • You are also able to prohibit impressions from being served on a specific publisher page, called black-listing, by requesting through your Account Manager or through the email address.
  • It is important to note that we simply serve creatives on the sites that your users arrive at after abandoning your site.
  • We also DO NOT serve creatives on any non-family friendly sites, or sites that are non-compliant with IAB Standards.
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