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How does SteelHouse define Attribution? What are the settings and how is it calculated?

SteelHouse is unique in the fact that it allows the Advertiser to develop their own attribution model. An Attribution Model is made up of the following setting changes:

                        Conversion Window and View-Through % 

A Conversion Window is the amount of time that a customer has to convert after encountering a SteelHouse creative unit.

The View-Through % is defined by the influence lift that a Steelhouse Creative has on an Advertiser's customers (IE. If a user did not see a creative, would they still complete a conversion)

Once you have defined those two settings, you can begin looking at your Attributed Data. Attributed conversions is calculated by adding 100% of your click conversions to a multiplication of your Attribution Percentage and your View-Through Conversions

Attributed Conversions : Total Click Conversions + (Total View Conversions * Attribution Model)

Your attribution model can be adjusted at any time, in one of two ways. You can internally decide how you value View-Through Conversions and notify your Account Manager or the alias that you would like to adjust your account to reflect your customized Attribution model. 

You can also request to begin running a Control Group against your campaigns, in order to define the lift that SteelHouse is bringing to your business through influential creatives and define the percentage of view conversions that were influenced by SteelHouse.

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